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What is SaaS Marketing? 2023 Tactical Guide


You may be asking yourself, “What is SaaS marketing?” If so, let this blog be your guide to understanding and utilizing Saas marketing in 2023.

Multichannel Marketing Vs Omnichannel: Definitions, Key Differences and Examples


They sound similar, but are they? Let’s dive into multichannel vs omnichannel marketing and discover what each approach is really about, and how you can know which might be the better option for you.

The True Value of Content in Advertising (Plus 4 Examples)


Content in advertising is an essential part of growing your customer acquisition. Here, we explain where the worlds converge and the types of content marketing you can use.

5 Content Marketing Challenges Everyone Has To Face


From finding and snaring an audience to managing your content calendar, see what’s ahead of any marketing strategy worth its weight in words.

Virtual Experiential Marketing: Taking Advantage of Tech


What is virtual experiential marketing? How can you use existing technology to bring your brand to life for everyone everywhere? Let’s find out!

Inspiration, Motivation, Successful Business Women


Everything you’ll need to keep going, here are 10 successful businesswomen in history and their stories.

10 Content Marketing Problems Every Marketer Faces and How to Solve Them


Are content marketing problems getting in the way of your business? Brafton knows what it’s like to come up against some roadblocks, so we gathered some common challenges marketers face and solutions to overcome them.

The Importance of Multichannel Marketing — And How To Do It Right


What’s the deal with multichannel marketing? This strategy helps tell your story across different platforms — and here’s why that’s a big deal.

How to Build the Best B2B Marketing Tech Stack (Infographic)


Here’s how you can build the ultimate B2B marketing tech stack to save time and boost performance — all while attracting and retaining new customers.