ClickCease Case Studies Archive - Brafton

Hundreds of Leads (and Counting) for MoEngage

We used gated assets to help MoEngage gain valuable information about 136 leads, and helped boost organic traffic.

Doubling Dynaway’s Site Traffic: How We Pulled It Off

Brafton helped Dynaway reverse a slope in website sessions, ultimately resulting in a 121% increase in organic traffic.

1 Blog Post. 6 Months. $30,000 value: THIS is SEO

We used SEO to achieve $30,000 in estimated traffic value for AppDirect. Here’s how.

How to Beat Stronger Websites for a Competitive Keyword

We used our patented SEO techniques to help The Missing Link own a doozy of a keyword.

How to Get 1 Page to Rank for 5 High-Volume Keywords

Nail search intent for a target keyword, and you’ll also rank for variant keywords. The result: Multiplied wins.

$12K Worth of Traffic to 1 Stanford University Blog Post

A single, well-chosen keyword can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in traffic.